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Balancing the Books and Life: Transforming Your Accounting Practice for Joy and Profit with Amanda Gascoigne
Episode 738th March 2024 • Strategy and the Virtual Controller • Penny Breslin & Damien Greathead
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Have you ever wondered how to transform the endless busy season into a well-balanced, profitable practice?

This episode features an enlightening conversation with Amanda Gascoigne, who shares her insights on creating a more balanced and profitable accounting practice. The discussion covers the importance of selecting ideal clients, the benefits of fixed fee pricing while tracking time for internal purposes, and the strategic use of technology to enhance efficiency. Amanda emphasizes the significance of aligning practice operations with personal goals and values to ensure both professional satisfaction and personal well-being.

[00:00 - 10:45] A Balanced Practice and the Role of Technology and Pricing

  • Amanda discusses the necessity of choosing clients that align with your values and contribute to a joyful practice.
  • Damien Greathead and Penny Breslin talk about the ongoing challenges of managing a busy season and the importance of strategic client selection.
  • The conversation touches on the importance of pricing services correctly to reflect the value provided and to cover the costs of technological advancements.

[10:46 - 20:55] Achieving Work-Life Balance and the Power of Intentional Client Selection

  • They share insights on how to structure your practice to support personal goals, including a four-day workweek and setting boundaries for client communications.
  • Amanda elaborates on the importance of intentionally selecting clients to work with, which not only enhances profitability but also job satisfaction.
  • Strategies for evaluating and adjusting the client base to align with firm values and goals are discussed.

   [20:56 - 31:45] Navigating Challenges and Embracing Technology for Efficiency

  • Amanda discusses the common pitfalls in practice management, such as underpricing and overworking, and how to overcome them.
  • She emphasizes the need for a mindset shift towards more strategic thinking about practice management and client service.
  • Adopting the right technology can streamline operations, improve service delivery, and enhance client relationships.

[31:46 - 44:15] Cultivating a Healthy Work Culture

  • The conversation shifts to the importance of creating a work culture that supports employee well-being and fosters a sense of community.
  • Amanda shares tips on implementing policies that promote work-life balance, such as flexible working hours and remote work options.
  • She shares her vision for the future of accounting practices, focusing on personalized service, technological integration, and sustainable growth.

Direct Quotes:

"You don't need to work for everyone. And you need to work out who are those people that bring you joy, who are those people that aren't going to make you feel like you're always busy." - Amanda Gascoigne

"I always really wanted to go into public accounting...and I think that's the business we're in. We're in the business of building client relationships." - Amanda Gascoigne

"But some people make that real conscious choice...and I think we need to celebrate that, that not everyone wants a million-dollar practice, some people want more flexibility." - Amanda Gascoigne

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