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Understanding climate risk for corporates
7th February 2022 • ESG Insights • Deutsche Bank
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Climate risks have real and financial impacts on human health, asset values, capital investment, productivity, output and insurance. Even in the preferred scenario where we meet our global climate goals we face a different set of climate risks known as transition risks. These may include a rapid decarbonisation of our energy supply, new policy and legal mandates, investment in climate solutions, adaptation and resilience planning and behavioral changes.

In this podcast, Trisha Taneja, Deutsche Bank's Global Head of ESG for Capital Markets & Advisory, speaks to Helena Walsh, Managing Partner at climate and sustainability consulting firm Agendi, about what climate risk involves and its impact on capital allocation. Listen in to find out more about the best way for corporates to assess climate risk, why it is so important, what the challenges are and steps corporates can take to mitigate climate risk.