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Episode #270: Edwin Kwan: WhatsApp Introduces Location Privacy Feature; Hillary Coover: A Shift Towards Empowering Users for Image Authenticity; Olimpiu Pop: And the gold medal for the largest non-payroll goes to…; Val Cole: This Day in Tech History
Episode 27010th November 2023 • It's 5:05! Daily cybersecurity and open source briefing • Contributors from Around the World
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The stories we’re covering today.

Val Cole: November 10th, 1983. In 1983, which was 25 years before I was born, Microsoft announced version 1. 0 of Windows. It was the first graphical user interface for IBM compatible PCs.

Edwin Kwan: WhatsApp is rolling out a privacy feature that allows users to keep their location private. However, there is a potential trade off. The phone quality might be reduced due to the connection relay via the WhatsApp servers.

Hillary Coover: We know many innovators are working to find ways to determine an image's authenticity with detection technology. What if there's another way? What if users held the power to determine image authenticity through content credentials?

Olimpiu Pop: Based on estimates from the State of the Software Supply Chain, 96 percent of the running software is open source, and where there are high percentages, there is also government. And government regulates. Given the legislative changes around the globe, does that mean that open source is preparing to enter a new era?