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Thoughts on 2023 and Why it Doesn't Matter
Episode 352nd January 2023 • HigherEd Retire • Greg Shepard
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It's that time of year again! All the "experts" and market analysts shower you with their take on what the new year will bring and try to convince you how their take on things is so much better than the one you heard 10min ago on a different channel / article.

In this episode, take the time to listen to what Greg thinks 2023 will bring, with a caveat. Greg openly tells you that it doesn't matter what he thinks or anyone else for that matter. He'll share with you the "experts" take on 2022 and how that worked out for them. Hint....not very well.

In this episode, Greg reminds everyone to be humble and realize that you're not smarter than the stock market - nobody is. He'll share with you actionable tips to take into the new year to help improve your higher ed retirement plan.

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