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How To Create Momentum + Unlock Flow when you feel Stuck
Episode 516th July 2022 • The Untamed Life • Christine Jewell
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What to DO when nothing is working....

Feeling Stuck, Stalled or Contracting? How do you tap back into Momentum and get back into the FLOW again?

We all hit those spots - Where all of a sudden, it feels like nothing you are doing is working right & what always used to work to get results, is no longer working. In fact, it may even be causing more problems than anything. What gives?

I believe this is the exact moment we are on the cusp of a breakthrough or upgrade and the way through it without breaking everything down is to move into the space of momentum where things are flowing naturally, vs being forced.

In today's episode I am talking about the KEY areas where we get stuck and HOW to move past them:

  • How to move beyond frustration and discouragement
  • How to open up energy when you are feeling drained/exhausted
  • How to lighten the load when you are feeling burdened - heavy, weighed down
  • The ONE fast thing I do to clean things up and set myself up to MOVE Forward
  • The attachments we have that keep us STUCK on the struggle bus
  • Clarifying our MISSION - How to get back to the CORE of WHAT matters when we lose our way



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