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Episode 14: Nu Jazz & beyond from USA, Italy, Brazil, Norway, UK, Armenia-Australia & Sweden: a non-stop-music podcast from Courtney Pine CBE.
Episode 141st August 2022 • Courtney Pine Global Jazz • Jazz Pod
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Courtney’s playing refreshingly cool new jazzy vibes for you to work, rest and play to!  Jam-packed full of new releases and plenty of fun, including many of the artists introducing their own tracks!  This week we've got the perfect Sundowner playlist for you! Classic jazz trio, piano with strings, Italian bop, Brazilian samba, Norwegian chill out & Australian-Armenian melodies.  Saúde!

1 Cyrus Chestnut: Nippon Soul Connection 7'24

My Father's Hands HIGHNOTE Tr1
Cyrus Chestnut pno Peter Washington bs Lewis Nash dr

Cyrus remembers his dad with this joyous bluesy Bossa swing to get us started! "What makes Chestnut the best jazz pianist of his generation is a willingness to abandon notes and play space".

2 Bill Laurance: Balm 4'21
Bill Laurance keys Jonathan Harvey bs Marius Aleksi dr Untold Orchestra str

Snarky Puppy's Bill L floating us down the river with lush rolling piano & strings - beautiful

3 Marco Tranchina/Smat Five: Axioma 6'23
More Than Ever UBUNTU Tr4
Marcho Tranchina pno Mikele Montolli bs Alan Short alto

Hot Bebop with Latin European flavours!  Marco's bringing the warm sounds and sensibilities of his Mediterranean musical heritage to London!

4 Dende & Band: Epe Baba 3'48
Feat Frances Mbappe bs Daniel Peniazek gtr Daniel Belquer pno Benhur Oliveira dr Leslie Macedo perc Dende Macedo perc/vc

Ecstatic percussive incantations with Dende from Bahia, Brazil!  His music is a conversation between matter and spirit, and a life-enriching communion with the divine that he strives to share with his audiences.

5 Action & Tension & Space: Chromosomes 6'11
Per Steinar Lie gar Oystein Braut gtr org mtron Julis Lind bs Orjan Haaland dr Sigbjorn Apeland keys, harm Stale Liavik Solberg perc 

ATS head into the Hardangervidda terrain of wide open spaces and unruly weather conditions.  They recorded in a small studio during 2 days of heavy rain & stormy winds rumbling outside the windows.

6 The Smudges: The Gigue is Up 5'20
Jeff Gauthier vln Maggie Parkins cl

Birdsong reimagined in beautiful folk-jazz on violin and cello from The Smudges!

7 Maridalen: Pa nye eventyr 5'22
Bortenfor JAZZLAND Tr1
Anders Hefre sx Jonas Kilmork Vemoy tot Andreas Rodland Haga bs

Quirky finger-clickin chamber jazz from Norway!  Maridalen takes its name from a scenic called just north of Oslo.   "The listener is invited to new adventures: through pictures from a movie to a ride on a moon bike in dreamland".

8 Ebi Soda: Pseudocreme 5''05
Honk If You're Sad TRU THOUGHTS Tr3
V Vilhelm tb Conor Knight gtr Hari-Lee Evans bs
Louis Jenkins keys Sam Schlich Davies dr

Ebi Soda have been marinating in a digital soup of trap, drill, dub, post-punk and new wave, all underscored by the intersection of jazz, hiphop and electronic music!

9 Zela Margossian Quintet - Forecast 7'40
Zela Margossian pno Stuart Vandegraaff sx Adem Yilmaz perc Jacques Emery bs Alexander Inman-Hislop dr

Armenian traditional music feeds this incredible ethno-jazz band from Sydney Australia.  Dancing piano from Zela and whirling sax from Stuart Vadegraaff conjure electric Armenian nights!

10 Joel Lyssarides: Gowns of Dark 3'12
Stay Now ACT Tr5
Joel Lyssarides pno Niklas Fernqvist bs Rasmus Svensson Blixt dr

Lyssarides lives in a remote house in the woods, a good half an hour outside Stockholm.  He prefers to compose at night, in silence, without distraction.  We hear soaring Liszt & Schumann amidst plucked Debussy strings!