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Growing Paid Memberships & Adding REAL Value | Tony Whatley
Episode 1220th June 2022 • Community Builders in Web 3 • Heather Parady
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Our guest this week, Tony Whatley, known as the “Side Hustle Millionaire”, has successfully built multiple online communities. He doesn’t believe that everyone should have one though and shares with us what we need to consider before starting to build one ourselves.

He also digs into how to grow communities by providing REAL value (it might not be what you think) and why we should be focused on building relationships within the community and be mindful that we are not fixated on being the only voice.

Tony is one of my favorite voices in the online space, even though we have totally different interests and brands. Which proves the point that he preaches here, when you are REAL with your communities, when you are focused on being yourself and adding tons of value, people can’t help but be in your corner. I feel that way about him because he practices what he preaches. He really does care about people and knows what he is talking about.

Enjoy this value PACKED conversation with THE Tony Whatley.


  • How he has built communities with 10s of thousands of ENGAGED community members
  • How to determine if you a REALLY providing value to your community
  • What happens if you are doing "all the things" and it's still not working?
  • Using IRL events and experiences to strengthen communities




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