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On a motorway, the car in fronts uses hazard lights for a short time, what does it mean?
Episode 321st September 2021 • 5 minute theory • TCDrive
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The 5 Minute Theory podcast is here to help you pass your theory test first time! But even more importantly we're here to help you learn and understand the theory.

By having a good knowledge and understanding of the theory you'll be able to confidently take your theory and practical driving tests, and you'll reduce the chances of you making mistake in future that could cost you your licence.

Today we look at the question: You're driving on a motorway. What does it mean if the car in front shows it's hazard warning lights for a short time?

  1. The driver wants you to overtake,
  2. The other car is going to change lanes.
  3. Traffic ahead is slowly or stopping suddenly.
  4. There's a police speed check ahead.

We dive into this question explaining all scenarios.

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