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Interview with Voice Coach, Professional Speaker, & Best-Selling Author, Cynthia Zhai - Part 1
Episode 7414th April 2021 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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In this interview, I’m speaking with someone who has a real knack for voice - Cynthia Zhai. She’s helped people from over 46 countries around the world improve their voices and speak with impact and conviction. If you’ve been wanting to improve the quality of your voice, this is the interview for you!

We discuss:

  • Cynthia’s current living situation during COVID
  • Cynthia’s background in singing and voice
  • Falling into becoming a voice coach
  • The development of her work - how do you change your voice?
  • The realization people have had in the last year about the tone of a good voice
  • If the tone of voice is low quality, then people won’t hear the content as well as they could
  • Conveying emotions through our voices 
  • The science behind an attractive voice
  • The voice sends out vibrations and some frequencies are more attractive/easier to listen to
  • The constriction of the vocal cords and how it effects voice frequency
  • Stress’s effect on the voice
  • Authenticity’s part in producing a relaxed voice
  • The importance of breathing when it comes to voice
  • How to breathe properly when doing any sort of speaking 
  • The balloon analogy that gives a great visual for the proper way to breathe
  • The importance of having proper voice quality for your brand
  • Authenticity and relaxation and their importance for podcast hosts and guests
  • Matching your voice to your brand
  • Ways to improve your voice if you don’t like the sound of it
  • The reason why your voice sounds differently to you than when you listen to a recording of it


You can find more information about Cynthia Zhai:

On her website:

On her TED Talk:

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