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The Tech Chef - Skip Kimpel EPISODE 38, 29th December 2020
TCP038: Year In Review - 2020
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TCP038: Year In Review - 2020

What a year it has been! This episode covers the best of the best over the past 6 months since this podcast started. It is filled with a star studded array of industry professionals not only talking about COVID but the industry as a whole including strategy moving forward which should not be missed! Thank you so much to all of our guests this past year along with our podcast sponsors who made this show the success it has been.

Highlighted in this episode:

Episode 10: Rom Krupp, CEO of onedine : https://bit.ly/3oEl4fE

Episode 19: Carol Dover, CEO & President of Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association : https://bit.ly/2MUsgGp

Episode 35: Phil Crawford, CTO for CKE Restaurants, Inc. : https://bit.ly/3sjYz1W

Episode 15: Susan Carroll-Boser / Michael Guinan of White Castlehttps://bit.ly/3scT0lE

Episode 12: Charles Guzzetta, President of BurgerFi : https://bit.ly/35vOiFW

Episode 26: Motivational Speaker, Jim Knight, : https://bit.ly/35zEM4A

Episode 29: Mike Wills, CEO of Apex Supply Chain Technologies, LLC : https://bit.ly/3bBm4gO

Episode 18: Doug Smithhttps://bit.ly/38CNJMH

Episode 21: Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine : https://bit.ly/2XyT7tL

Thank you to all of our guest and sponsors in 2020. 2021 we are going to kick butt with some great guests and amazing contest. Thanks for being a faithful fan!