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E210 | Why Leading from the Heart is Better for Business with Mark C Crowley
Episode 21030th August 2022 • Mind Your F**king Business • Dominic Monkhouse
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Leading from the heart is the secret to high performing teams and financial success, says leadership speaker, consultant, change agent for workplace engagement and culture, and author of ‘Lead From The Heart’, Mark C Crowley. 

Mark has spent 25 years leading teams in the financial services industry to record breaking sales and profitability performance by focussing his leadership on the most authentic driver of human engagement - emotional connection. 

In this, The Great Resignation, demonstrating to employees that you not only care about them, but value them and trust them, is one of the best ways to retain them. Simple, heart felt reciprocity, Mark found, is what is required for employees to not just excel, but routinely exceed expectations. 

So, how do you lead from the heart? How do you connect with employees and redefine your employee proposition?

In this episode of The Melting Pot, Mark reveals why he advocates for leading from the heart, he shares a few simple ways that leaders can lead from the heart, and explains why, 11 years on, the Second Edition of his book is coming out. 

Book recommendations

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On today’s podcast:

  • How to lead from the heart
  • The influence of COVID on managers
  • Why the Great Resignation is happening 
  • The benefits of reciprocity