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Deal Flow [Coaches Edition]
Episode 42418th April 2023 • Business Lunch • Roland Frasier
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In this podcast episode, Roland Frasier and his team share their strategies and insights on how to generate deal flow. They also discuss mistakes they made along the way and how they overcame them.

In this episode you’ll learn:

[00:00:15] The biggest challenge is getting deals and leads to talk to.

[00:01:34] The three key takeaways are: 1) remove the friction of decisions, 2) standardize the process, and 3) exercise discernment, as taking massive action can have consequences.

[00:12:49] Emil talks about the temptation and danger of rushing into automation before knowing what you're doing yourself. He advises applying the general lesson to your unique circumstances instead of copying others.

[00:17:45] Emil explains that LinkedIn is a modern way to vet people and advises others to use it as well. He also mentions that LinkedIn profiles can sell as hard as you want them to and recommends using LinkedIn as a deal generation technique.

[00:23:45] Introduction of the Q&A session

[00:29:56] How to search for your niche criteria using keywords.

[00:32:40] It's important to celebrate your accomplishments and not minimize them.

[00:35:05] To replicate success, it's important to create a scalable model and map out the three components of a business: growth engine, fulfillment engine, and innovation.

[00:37:33] Borrowing frameworks from successful businesses, hiring partners, or contracting weaknesses away can help replicate success.


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