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“A Close Port of Call” by Altivo Overo
29th June 2020 • The Voice of Dog • Khaki and friends.
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Originally published in ROAR volume 1, 2007 from Bad Dog Books, this is a science fiction story about an incident at an orbiting spaceport, where a lion ship captain and a zebra dockmaster enter into a tense friendship but must overcome their instincts in order to fully trust one another.

Today’s story is “A Close Port of Call” by friend-of-the-fireplace Altivo Overo, who is a horse who stubbornly believes that there is good in every sentient being and that every cloud has a golden side. You can find more of his writing and artwork on FurAffinity, Weasyl, or Furry Amino under Altivo, and at Goodreads or Amazon under Altivo Overo.

Read for you by Khaki, your faithful fireside companion.