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Episode 111 – Creating True Freedom
Episode 11123rd July 2020 • Your Ultimate Life with Kellan Fluckiger • Kellan Fluckiger
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“True freedom is knowing to the core of your soul, that you create your life. Knowing that you are at cause in the matter of your life, then owning that responsibility and opportunity is ultimate absolute freedom.” - Kellan Fluckiger 

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What you are about to learn 

What is freedom? - What is freedom to you? This is knowing that your needs, physical needs, food, clothing, and shelter are taken care of. Another definition for me is to understand that no one can take away your agency or your choice about how you feel. Freedom is the real understanding that your soul is yours. Your life is yours; you are going to and have already created what you wish. And so true freedom is knowing to the core of your soul, that you create your life. Knowing that you are at cause in the matter of your life, then owning that responsibility and opportunity is ultimate absolute freedom.

What does it take to have Freedom? - Well, the way I describe it in my PTAC, I finally described all the words that are in my personal truth and commitment statement. In PTAC, my personal truth and commitment, I say the following,  "I am freedom because the knowledge, focus, and action create liberty." Now someone could argue with that and say, “if someone's got you chained and down, you can know all you want, and you can focus all you want and you can act all you want, you're still chained down so you're not free.” And again, it's just not so, and that's a limited view of freedom. Knowledge, meaning knowing that you are at cause and that you own your life. It's yours. These I got from my near-death experience which I wrote on my book  Meeting God at The Door  (which is available on Amazon if you’re interested) 

Knowledge, focus, and action - I believe knowledge, focus, and action, create liberty. 

  • Knowledge is knowing for sure into the core of your soul that you are at cause. You are the choice, the purpose, the moving factor in the matter of your own life. It doesn't depend on anyone else. 
  • Focus on what you believe. In what you believe to be accurate and what you choose to be about in the world
  • Now the degree of action, and what the action is, is going to depend on your circumstance. For a couple of months since COVID started - this is the year that we encountered a pandemic that puts everything to lockdown (If you are listening to this podcast after the COVID situation.) The actions that I choose are to make podcasts and YouTube videos and coach clients about creating the Ultimate Life. And I want to do that. Because I'm committed to realizing the divine purpose that I have. I don’t let any situation, whether good or bad, hinder my aim to help others with my small gesture. So regardless of the status. Find time, take action, and contemplate how you will put these things into action to achieve your freedom. 

We all have our way on how to live with Freedom in our lives. It is just how we choose to live it or live with it. If you choose, I hope you will pick wise decisions and do what the right thing for you and to someone close to you or to others who need your help. Remember living your ultimate life is not only for your favor but as for others also. 

Key Takeaways

“You can have absolute and total freedom if you want it. And if you will create your knowledge, focus, and action, then you too can have all the freedom that you want and crave and be moving forward”

“The true happiness that I have found and the true freedom have come in the fashion that I'm just describing. Knowledge, focus, and action create liberty. Now the action part is to the extent your circumstances allow you to act them out on those things that you know and are focused on.”

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