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Episode 100: Equitable Healthcare is a class struggle
Episode 1006th July 2022 • Remarkable Leadership Lessons • Denise Cooper
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What would health equity look like in America?

Health equity means giving patients the care they need when they need it. What role do social determinants play in the likelihood of positive health outcomes? Education, health care, economic stability, environmental stresses, and social/communal factors account for over 80% of health outcomes. This means only 20% of care actually comes from medical providers and care.

In this episode, Denise Cooper talks about the that role social determinants of care play in our healthcare systems. Denise also discusses her ideas on how we can begin closing the gap on the systemic issues that contribute to chronic illness, disease, and decreases in the quality of life for people across America.


In this episode, Denise answers questions such as...

  1. What would equitable access to healthcare look like in America?
  2. How do healthcare resources vary between someone who is high income vs. someone who is low income?
  3. How do managers take income and privilege into account when leading their teams?
  4. What should businesses be doing to support the health of their teams?


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