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How to create your Zero Fucks Life with Kat John
Episode 14921st July 2020 • The Confidence Chronicles • Erika Cramer
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My love you are in for a treat today as I welcome the amazing Kat John to the podcast. Kat is a coach and leader of the "Zero Fks" global movement that sees everyday people dancing to their favourite tunes with their children, partners, puppies, colleagues or solo dancing, all in the name of giving zero fks and freeing their shit through movement. I highly recommend you go and check out it out on Instagram. It is both hilarious and so freeing!Kat has such a massive story to share and the more I discovered about her, the more I realised she was literally the Australian version of me. We have so many synchronicities it is actually insane. From sexual abuse as a child, chronic pain, brain surgery (yup! whaaaat?!), suicidal thoughts and prescription drug addiction, Kat has lived through a hell of a lot and I admire her so much.It is through the healing of her past traumas that Kat has been able to help so many woman globally heal from their own shit and literally dance their fucks away. I am so happy to introduce Kat to you and can't wait for you to dive into this episode.Where To Find Kat:Instagram: @kat.john Facebook | Podcast |Website | ShopConnect with Erika:Instagram: @thequeenofconfidenceFacebook: @TheconfidencequeenYouTube: The Confidence Chronicles and The Queen Of ConfidenceLinkedIn: Program: www.thequeenofconfidence.comWAYS TO WORK WITH ME:Join my online coaching program for women - the Sistahood Learn how to Conquer Social Media through my new Confidently Conquering Social Media Course

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