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004: The Airbnb Kind of Mastermind
Episode 430th July 2020 • The Success Finder Podcast • Brandon Straza
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About Kyle Stanley:

My name is Kyle Stanley and I started The Fearless Investor in 2019 (originally called Fearless Flipping) as a way to help others learn about investing in real estate!

Today, my mission has evolved into teaching people how to make money with AirBnB, real estate, and other investments.

I’ve been many places in my career… I was a TV sports anchor, I ran a sports videography and recruiting business, I’ve been in health and wellness, fundraising for K-12, and a few other sales jobs.

Nothing… I mean NOTHING… has gotten me more excited about my future, and the potential of helping others like this.

The funny thing is that I was investing in real estate before I ever knew I was. I’ve been using AirBnB as a vehicle to pay for my mortgage since 2015. Little did I know, that is a form of real estate investing!

But it wasn’t until September of 2018 when I really started to understand the power of real estate.

I started listening to real estate podcasts and researching as much as I could. I studied and studied and studied. I started to see all of the opportunities real estate had for passive income.

Before real estate, I thought the best way to earn passive income was by creating an app, becoming a network marketer, or building a huge business. I thought the only way to even get to real estate was by owning millions of dollars! 

Then on January 4, 2019, I went to a Than Merrill Fix ‘N Flip seminar. I went for one reason: education. But I walked away with an incredible new outlook on real estate and my life!

On January 6, I made a committment to become an active real estate investor right there on the spot… Mind you, this came one day before starting a new job with a local sales company. I felt like I was adding another full-time job to my plate, but that’s how committed I was!

One month later, I had my first deal under contract. I was terrified! It was my first “Oh S*%t” moment, but I knew it would be the first of many.

In year one, I went on to do 7 real estate transactions: 3 rentals, 3 flips, and 1 wholesale.

But the real “ah-ha moment” came when I fully invested myself and my attention into AirBnB.

In a matter of 5 months, I went from $1,000 per month to $15,000+ per month! Fast forward to 9 months in, I was grossing over $25K! And the amazing thing was that half of my AirBnB portfolio was compiled of other people’s properties!

I have created systems in my AirBnB business that allow me to only have to work 1-2 hours per week on our current properties. This allows me to focus on: finding deals, focusing on the important things in life, and creating content for YOU!

And today, I have come to realize that education and action in investing is the most important thing I can do. So, while I educate myself on other types of investments, I want you to learn right along with me.

Through The Fearless Investor Youtube Channel and Podcast, we are interviewing true experts who are teaching you how to conquer the world of investing. Whether that’s AirBnB, real estate, stocks, or more!

These businesses are not easy, but it is all about the math and the systems, and for that reason, it’s simple!

On This Episode:

  • Learn how Kyle purchased his first investment property in 2o14 and hasn’t paid a single dollar for rent or a mortgage since then.
  • hear why Kyle is willing to invest 50k+ into a mastermind to get the 1% of information he doesn’t have.
  • Discover how to fail forward by getting around the right people.
  • Kyle explains how to overcome your fears.

Key Takeaways:

  1. You’re going to suck the first time you try anything.
  2. Doing something is a better way than sitting down and trying to figure it out first.
  3. Have multiple mentors in your life.

Tweetable Quote:

“You know you’re in trouble when you’re the smartest guy in the room.” – Kyle Stanley

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