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Fall In Love With The Problem, Not The Solution
6th February 2023 • The Accidental Creative with Todd Henry • Todd Henry
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There are some natural tensions that creative pros must wrestle with in order to remain effective. One that I wrote about in The Accidental Creative is what I call the process vs. product tension, which describes the dynamic of compromising the process in order to pre-maturely shape the product to match pre-defined expectations. Instead, we must embrace the process, ask good questions, and pursue the problem. On the first part of this episode, I share some thoughts about how to embrace process.

Today's interview features Uri Levine, founder of Waze and author of the new book Fall In Love With The Problem, Not The Solution. He shares how entprepreneurs and creative pros can embrace process in their pursuit of important problems rather than starting with a product and trying to make it fit the market.

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