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Safety View with Michael Hartley
4th February 2022 • Safeopedia Podcasts • Safeopedia Podcast
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In this Safety View discussion our guest Michael Hartley will open a discussion about "Measuring Performance". We will be looking specifically at how ESG functions, including Safety & Health, can measure and communicate performance rather than simply reporting results, and why this is of value for organizations.  

Through this discussion we will be sharing our insights and perspective on:

- Understanding what 'value' looks like for ESG functions including Safety & Health

- How members are measuring performance in their workplaces

- Talk about who is accountable and who is responsible for ESG performance within our organizations

Our Guest:

Michael Hartley is the Founder and CEO of Minetell (2018), a risk and performance data company based in Toronto, Canada. Minetell services medium and large companies in the Goods Producing sectors (i.e. energy, construction, manufacturing) with its enterprise risk management SaaS technology measures and communicated environmental and social governance (ESG) risk exposure and control performance. Michael has 20+ years of global risk management experience in oil and gas (Shell) and mining (Barrick Gold).