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Lisa Smartt
Episode 296th July 2022 • Into The Deep with J. Costa • J. Costa & George Richter
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J talks with linguist, educator, and near-death experience researcher and author, Lisa Smartt. • They talk about everything from the continuation of consciousness after death, to her book, 'Words at the Threshold: What We Say When We’re Nearing Death', and the process for the meticulous research and data collected through The Final Words Project, an ongoing study along with Dr. Raymond Moody, which is devoted to gathering and interpreting the mysterious language patterns that appear to be unique to end of life, and so much more. Lisa has appeared on Gaia's 'Open Minds' with Regina Merideth, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and more.• You can find Lisa at and her work with Dr. Moody at • You can find Lisa's book at • And be sure to find us: