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Navigating the Electrified Road: Understanding the Need for EV Certification [RR 877]
Episode 87722nd August 2023 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Corey Glassman, an EV consultant with Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), brings his wealth of experience and knowledge about Electric Vehicles (EVs), shedding light on the importance of EV certification and electrical safety. Corey discusses the power of certification, the levels of EV certification, electrical safety training and the importance of respecting the potential risks associated with working on EVs.

Corey Glassman, EV Consultant, ASE.

Show Notes

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  • The development of EV certifications (00:02:23) Corey Glassman discusses the history of electric vehicles and the need for standardized safety procedures for working on electrified vehicles.
  • The importance of electrical safety in the automotive industry (00:04:04) Corey emphasizes the importance of electrical safety in all aspects of working on electrified vehicles, including voltage levels, current, and potential hazards.
  • The introduction of level one and level two certifications (00:06:18) Corey explains the two certifications developed for the automotive industry: level one for service advisors and level two for technicians, and how they address different aspects of electrical safety.
  • The importance of personal protective equipment (PPE) (00:15:11) Corey emphasizes the importance of using proper electrical safety gloves and PPE when working on electrified vehicles to prevent electrical accidents.
  • The importance of EV certifications (00:18:27) Discussion on the significance of EV certifications for personal safety and the need for standardized safety procedures.
  • Preparing for the rise of EVs (00:19:41) Exploring the inevitability of EVs in the automotive industry and the need for shops to have technicians with EV certifications.
  • Understanding electrical safety (00:20:41) Highlighting the importance of understanding electrical safety procedures and response mechanisms in dealing with potential incidents.

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