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Don't be a 'Buttso' and Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone WPCP: 055
22nd March 2015 • FtheHUSTLE • Kim Doyal
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This episode is a little 'Out of the Box' to say the least. I was joined by Trey Lewellen, aka, Mr. ON IT ... or maybe I should say I joined Trey (at his offices in St. Louis, Missouri to get his upcoming podcast rolling). I decided to do a podcast episode with Trey while I was there because this trip was part of a new venture for me (and the first of many I'm sure) and it was simply an amazing experience. This episode was really about stepping outside of my comfort zone in SO many ways! I could go on and on about this episode, but I really think to get the most out of this episode you need to listen to it. Here's what we talked about in this episode: You'll have to bear with me because we went in a WHOLE bunch of different directions, but this is one of those conversations that took on a life of it's own and there are a BUNCH of gems nestled in our crazy tangents. [tweet_box]We should nickname them "buttso"... or is it so, but? - Trey Lewellen[/tweet_box] You're also going to get an update on Trey's business, where he's going and what his intentions are for scaling his business to a 12 million dollar a year business. [tweet_box]Are you willing to #stepup and say "Call me out?!" - @kimdoyal[/tweet_box] Links from this episode Hatchbuck My first interview with Trey Trey's ILMG Facebook page University of Guns  (Trey's gun website) Other Episodes You Might Enjoy  You are the Obstacle in Your Business