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The Transformative Power of “Why” in Finance and Reimagining Retirement with James Conole
Episode 14520th December 2023 • Bridging The Gap • Bridging The Gap
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James Conole, CFP®, Founder of Root Financial Partners and host of the Ready For Retirement podcast, joins Matt on this episode of Bridging the Gap. Together, they dive into the deeper aspects of financial planning, shifting the focus away from money and toward clients' life goals. To start the episode, James recounts his journey, originally aspiring to become a baseball player and architect before discovering his passion for finance. He discusses the inception of his firm, Root Financial Partners, along with the priority of understanding clients' “why” in financial planning.

James talks about how his journey in finance was shaped by growing up with limited funds and the influence of his first boss, triggering his realization of money's broader impact on household harmony. He also explains tools such as purpose finder worksheets, aiding clients in discovering genuine motivations and proposing a shift from materialism to fulfillment.

Matt and James delve into retirement planning, emphasizing the importance of uncovering clients' deeper aspirations. They explore the intangible benefits of a well-lived life and the trade-offs associated with delaying retirement. James further elaborates on how transparency and trust-building became central themes at Root Financial Partners, advocating for an industry-wide embrace of openness rather than fearing a loss of competitive advantage. He underscores the importance of living intentionally, urging individuals to envision their legacy and align their actions accordingly.

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