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Financial Management Post-COVID
Episode 1820th July 2021 • School Business Leadership • Laura Williams
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Cheryl Campbell, Kemi Arogundade and Husham Khan from ABBLed join me for the first in a special series of podcasts discussing the hot topics that SBLs are dealing with right now.

In Part 1, we're talking all things post-Covid finance and we’re digging into insurance, contracts and lettings aswell as risk management, pupil numbers and contingencies. It’s a good one!

The episode at a glance:

[2:04] – Not sure what ABBLed is about? Cheryl fills us in! 

[6:00] – We get stuck in to the detail and talk around all things income and expenditure

[11:10] – We take a closer look at risk management and risk registers and how these tools can help SBLs

[15:40] – We talk about the impact of COVID on staff wellbeing and how we can factor this into budget setting

[27:17] – Husham explains the ABBLEd ratio, how it can be used to measure your school’s exposure to the commercial sector and what this means for your organisation in terms of risk

[32:28] – Cheryl emphasises the importance of an appropriate contingency for your school

[41:50] – We discuss how wide-reaching the role of SBL is and why it’s important that SBLs are involved in strategic discussions  

[48:30] – Is there such a thing as COVID-proof finances? The panel forms a conclusion… 

[52:18] – Husham sums up the top take-aways from this episode

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