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A Conversation in Berlin about Robot Operations (#RobOps) with Florian Pestoni, Co-Founder and CEO of InOrbit
Episode 1029th August 2022 • Manufacturing Happy Hour • Chris Luecke
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It’s not every day you get to record a podcast episode in Berlin, so when Florian Pestoni told me he’d be in Berlin at the same time as me, we had to meet up to record an interview.

In this special live episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour, we step out of the studio and into the beer garden to discuss what chronic care for robots looks like. Florian is the Co-Founder & CEO of InOrbit, a Silicon Valley-based startup that helps companies managing fleets of robots streamline their robotic operations. Florian shares his motivation behind his shift from software engineering to robotics, before diving into a discussion about #RobOps and examples of how InOrbit offers chronic care for robotic fleets.

Altogether, it’s an informative and - dare we say - unconventional episode packed with insights about the future of robotics, the startup scenes in Berlin, Silicon Valley, and beyond, and yes, the quirks of recording live podcast episodes in less-than-ideal conditions.