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Incoming Head of Maths, Elliot Cole
Episode 1616th June 2023 • The NatMatSci Podcast • The National Mathematics & Science College
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#016 - Welcome back to the The NatMatSci Podcast, brought to you by The National Mathematics & Science College. This is the podcast to let you find out more about NatMatSci by hearing staff and students talking about their experiences, all unscripted and unplugged, so that you can hear what life is really like at the college.

Today we’re talking to the incoming Head of Maths, Elliot Cole. Elliot’s about to explain why he loves maths so much, how his career history is slightly different to others who work in education and what he’s looking forward to about life at NatMatSci. But we also find out from him what YouTube channels he recommends for other people who also love maths so do stick around to see what they might be.

That’s all coming up in this episode so come with me now as we step into the maths department and speak to the incoming Head of Maths, it’s Elliot Cole.

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