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#91 Create Your Online Program Today - Fabiana Claure Will Show You How To Get Started
Episode 9124th April 2022 • The Lil' Drummer Girl • The Tampa Bay Podcast Network
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Greetings Lovely Drumsters,

Have you been contemplating putting together an online course for your business? Well, you're in the right place. Today's guest, Fabiana Claure will show you how you can create your high ticket online program and make more money in your online business.

Fabiana creates financial and artistic prosperity for musicians so that they can win back their time and build a legacy without sacrificing their quality of life.

She holds a doctorate degree in music in piano performance with additional education in the music and entertainment industries. Fabiana co-founded a nationally featured music academy called Superior Academy of Music and recently with the University of North Texas Music Business and Entrepreneurship Program.

Get Fabiana’s 10 steps to building your online music business.

Learn more about the Musicians Profit Umbrella Course at:

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And, if you haven't already grabbed a copy of the 151 Secrets book, get a copy today and get started on your path to success. Grab your copy of and learn more business tools and tactics for living on purpose and making your dreams come true.

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Rock On & Rock Out,

Dawn-Marie Mutell