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14. Do it scared! How to diminish fear and have the career you want
Episode 1412th October 2022 • Her Next Career Move • Jasmine Escalera
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Is fear holding you back from making GAME-CHANGING choices?

Is fear making your play small?

Are you ready to feel the fear and not let it knock you down?

Then this episode is for you!

Today, Dr. Jasmine dives deep into the common types of fear and gets #candid about her own experiences with fear (even when she was studying at YALE!).

BUT fear isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes it can even be used as an ally on your journey. Tune in to learn about neutralizing fear and how you can work WITH fear and not against it.


In today's episode, we cover the following:

  • Making decisions for yourself
  • The different types of fear that Dr. Jasmine has experienced throughout her career
  • Experiencing fear even when everyone around you thinks you should be grateful
  • The desire to conform
  • What fear can teach you


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