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In Right Standing Podcast w/ Jada L. Cofield - In Right Standing Podcast EPISODE 18, 8th June 2021
Random Thoughts of Wisdom

Random Thoughts of Wisdom

In today’s episode, Jada is doing things a little differently. This episode is about random thoughts of wisdom, meaning this episode will have a few different topics but still full of insight, knowledge and wisdom. 

Discipleship. What is it? What does it mean? Do you apply it to your daily life? A lot of people are excellent members of the church. They are motivated but poor disciples.  People are poor disciples because they don’t apply the word of God to their daily life, understand the matters of the spirit, or establish a relationship with Christ. There are 5 stages of discipleship - spiritually dead, infant, child, young adult, and adult. Which one are you?

Do you hear from God? Before you hear from GOD, you must first learn to hear God for yourself and not just others. God is trying to get you to change and see yourself in his eyes.

Tune in to hear Jada give her thoughts on what it really means to be heard and to hear from God and how to apply discipline to your life.

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Jada Cofield has an accumulation of teachings, observations, and studies from her twenty-five years as an ordained minister, a sister, a friend, a daughter, and a woman coupled with her travels and living throughout the world.

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