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Biden's Gaza Refugee Scheme is a Huge Mistake
Episode 95Bonus Episode12th May 2024 • The Graceful Warrior • Monica
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Hello Graceful Warriors!


I don't often talk in depth about politics, But this deserves to be discussed in today's episode.

  1. Biden is trying to bring Gazans to America
  2. What do the Gazans receive upon arrival
  3. What's the Purpose of this mass movement?
  4. Is November voting in jeopardy?

Summary: No matter what we see, we must come before the throne and pray against this enemy invasion. True asylum seekers will not enter and create mass chaos and violence in a nation where they are seeking help. Are we to shout you cannot enter to our enemies? yes for the well-being of our families. We can stop the madness if we pray until God answers. Be sure to go vote come November.

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