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Revenue Is Not Profit With Amy Bett
Episode 6811th July 2023 • The Property Management Podcast with That Property Mum • Kylie Walker
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Imagine your accountant telling you that you made one million dollars in revenue. You check your bank statements and think there must be something wrong. Your balance is not even enough to cover your taxes. Where did all the money go? 

In this episode of The Property Management Podcast, Profit First Professional Amy Bett joins Kylie Walker to discuss this sensitive topic that worries many businesses—cash flow and profitability. As a Profit First Professional, Amy discovered the only two numbers that matter in business and the formula for achieving financial freedom. She shares a fantastic daily practice you'll absolutely love!

Amy is dedicated to helping small business owners transform their financial position and reclaim control of their lives. With over 200 successful students in her Money Mastery online program, she guides entrepreneurs in setting up strong financial foundations, enhancing visibility, and breaking free from trading time for money. Amy also hosts the Lady Without Limits podcast and is the co-founder of Drink Melo. 

If you're ready to take control of your finances, build a thriving business, and achieve financial freedom, take a listen!

“Our mindset really determines how we feel and the actions that we take. If we decide to foster an abundant positive money mindset, guess what? We're going to attract more money into our lives, and we're going to put ourselves in situations where we can attract more money.”

 - Amy Bett

In This Episode:

- Meet Amy Bett, Profit First Professional and Lady Without Limits

- How Amy juggled starting a business while caring for her kids and her sick husband

- What is the Profit First Method?

- How can business owners get in control of their cash flow?

- Why do business owners struggle with managing their money?

- What will you learn from Amy's Profit First Program?

- How do you manage your cash flow if it's not enough to cover your expenses? What does discipline and mindset have to do with it?

- What accountants and financial advisors are not telling you

- How can we develop our money mindset? Amy shares a powerful daily practice that helps you improve your mindset to attract the things you want

- What does “revenue is not profit” mean, and why is making more money not the answer to your financial problem?

- How to overcome the fear of starting a new business 

- Amy's recommended resources for personal development

 And more!!!


- Russell Brunson's Books (DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, Traffic Secrets) -

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- Listen to the PM Collective - The ART of Property Management Podcast by Ashleigh Goodchild -

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