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Building a Better Brand with Kim Russo | WLMM108
Episode 1083rd November 2022 • 4 Day Weekends • Donna Ashton
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I’m so excited to introduce you to branding expert Kim Russo today. Kim came to me like many of my clients do--working long hours and in desperate need of relief. 

Her business was booming (Hooray!) but she couldn’t figure out how to keep that momentum up and also give herself room to breathe, too. 

In this episode, we talk about a few of the strategies we put into place to help her keep growing her business AND creating the time and space to enjoy 4-day weekends, too!

Here are a few highlights from our conversation.

  • The steps we took to get Kim from booked out, overwhelmed business owner to 4-day weekends every week! 
  • Kim shares what branding is -- and why it’s so important for every business
  • Plus, the one big mistake that entrepreneurs make branding their businesses

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About Kim Russo 

Kim Russo is the Founder, CEO, and Lead Designer of On Brand Designs, a boutique design studio in Charleston, SC. She began her career working for top branding agencies in NYC after getting her degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in packaging design.

In 2018 after spending her entire career in corporate, Kim decided she was ready to make a bigger impact on a smaller scale. She left the “Big Apple,” and started On Brand Designs, which just celebrated its fourth anniversary. Kim moved to Charleston in 2020 and has been focused on growing her business ever since. Her areas of expertise include, brand strategy, brand identity, website design, print graphics and packaging design. She loves creating scroll-stopping designs for queen-bee female entrepreneurs that make you say out loud, "ooo, I love that!" Learn more at

When she is not busy working, Kim enjoys crafting, painting pet portraits and laying on the beach or by the pool with her friends and family.

About Donna Ashton

Donna Ashton is a consultant, speaker & online course expert. She built her freedom lifestyle business using her Work Less, Make More formula. She's taught hundreds of others how to create & market profitable programs that allow time for family, travel, and that impact the world.

Her mission is to teach you how you can easily take the process you already have and make money with a course in your business to create a Freedom Lifestyle.

Whether you’re running a full coaching practice, a busy agency, are speaking or just slammed with family and life – adding digital products creates leveraged income, without more work for you.