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Episode #012 - Professor Greg Wells.
Episode 1227th September 2020 • The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast • Ben Morton
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to episode number 12… will is a little different to what you’ve heard so far.

In this episode I interview my good friend Professor Greg Wells, who by his own admission, is obsessed with optimizing human performance and health. As a scientist and performance physiologist, he has dedicated his career to exploring and researching human limits and making that science understandable and actionable.

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Episode Overview

Greg served as a tenured Associate Professor of Kinesiology at the University of Toronto and he’s currently a scientist in Translational Medicine at the Hospital for Sick Children.

Greg has also worked as the Director of Sport Science for the Canadian Sport Centre where he acted as a physiologist for more than 200 international level athletes. Professor Greg wells is the CEO and founder of Wells Performance, a global consulting firm on a mission to elevate how we live our lives at work and in life.

In this episode Greg translates some of the latest research into sleep, exercise and nutrition into actionable things we can all do to improve our own performance and health, along with that the of the teams and organisations that we lead.

So, without any further delay…enjoy my conversation with Professor Greg wells.

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