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Golf Wars... In High Def Stereo...
Episode 1916th June 2022 • Don't Be Alarmed We're Negros • Band Dork Media
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This episode will cover Golf News of the Week | Last week's RBC Canadian Open | LIV Invitational and the LPGA Shoprite | This Week’s: PGA U.S. Open | LIV Portland (June 30 - July 2) - First U.S. Event | Meijer LPGA Classic (We COVER ALL THREE!!) | Diversity Spotlight: 81 grassroots organizations awarded $750,000 in grants | Front 9 - Rank your favorite action hero abilities/powers (Rank/List)| Back 9 - Hard Knock Slice Tour 2022 - What are you working on for the Big Buff Challenge (June 26) | What Are We Hating On | Gigging Golf Song of the Week: Cash In Cash Out (Pharrell Willams feat. 21 Savage and Tyler the Creator)

Golf News Of the Week

  1. GOLF WARS 2022 - When will the civil war end?
  2. Rory Talking Mad Shit About the LIV
  3. Brooks Says LIV is a PGA Distraction
  4. Opinions Are Like Assholes - Old Dusties Chime In

Hosts: Suga @kaluaa7878 Emitch @chuck_da_nerd Buga @ny2sd28 Uppity Negro @thatmarcusdude 

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