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Overcoming Business Development Challenges: Insights and Strategies for Coaches - Featuring Heather Gwaltney
Episode 2312th October 2023 • The Mindful Coach Podcast • Brett Hill
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We need to define success in a different way, not only financially, but also incorporating the social and environmental pieces for a more balanced, holistic way to define success. - - Heather

Heather Gwaltney is an accomplished professional with a diverse marketing, communications, and organizational development background. With over 25 years of experience, she has honed her skills and expertise in these areas. As the founder and CEO of the Center for Mindful Business, Heather has successfully combined her passion for mindfulness and sustainability with her business acumen to create a unique platform for coaches. She holds a master's degree in organizational development and is certified as a mindfulness teacher and permaculture design expert. Heather's extensive experience includes directing a documentary, authoring a self-help book, and teaching courses as an adjunct professor. Her dedication to bridging the gap between wellness professionals and clients is evident in her mission to provide resources and support for coaches facing business development challenges. Heather's knowledge and insights make her a valuable asset to the coaching community.

She has developed an evidence-based mindfulness training program for businesses and, through the Center for Mindful Business, is certifying coaches to deliver those programs which will bring opportunities to those coaches. This is a unique offering that is needed for both businesses and coaches and for these reasons, she's a member of the Mindful Coach Association and a guest on the show.

You can connect with Heather at The Center for Mindful Business and via her Linked In profile.

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