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397: Avoid Coach Burnout with Dr. Zeina Ghossoub, MCC
3rd July 2024 • STaR Coach Show • Meg Rentschler
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Burnout is real, and coaches are not exempt. How can we effectively help others achieve growth and accomplish their goals if we are personally dealing with the symptoms of burnout? Today’s guest is a passionate expert on this topic, and she’s sharing helpful information and resources in this episode. Join us!

Dr. Zeina Ghossoub, a Master Certified Coach, has a Ph.D. in human behavior and counseling and co-founded Vital Signs, a coaching/consulting company with a global presence in Houston and Beirut. She is passionate about addressing burnout, especially among healthcare professionals and coaches. In this episode, Dr. Ghossoub identifies the red flags of burnout, the importance of wellness and emotional intelligence, and how to address burnout. She stresses the necessity of prioritizing self-care for coaches and shares helpful tools and resources. 

Show Highlights:

  • Dr. Zeina’s passion for wellness for those in the caring professions
  • What is burnout?
  • Severe burnout symptoms are similar to those of PTSD!
  • The contributing factors to burnout for coaches
  • For coaches, fighting burnout begins with overall wellness and emotional intelligence.
  • Dr. Zeina’s focus on physical wellness from her perspective as a dietitian and coach
  • Red flags of burnout symptoms
  • Where a coach should start in addressing burnout and seeking help
  • If you have unmet expectations, a lack of control over what you’re doing, and insufficient rewards, you are likely heading toward burnout.
  • The value in evaluations and assessments in addressing burnout (Dr. Zeina recommends the Maslach Burnout Inventory)


Connect with Dr. Zeina Ghossoub:  Vital Signs Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram

Download the Maslach Burnout Inventory that Dr. Zeina recommends!

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