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Do you need to be an expert to attract counselling clients?
Episode 629th July 2020 • The Grow Your Private Practice Show • Jane Travis
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How often have I heard counsellors say that they don’t know enough to write blogs, hold workshops, be on social media. They worry about not having enough expertise. 

But how much expertise do you need, and do you need to be an expert to actually attract more counselling clients? Let’s take a look.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why it feels so conflicting to call yourself an expert
  • Should you call yourself an expert?
  • The downside of being an expert
  • The super simple mindset shift that will change everything
  • Why it’s important to be seen as an expert

Highlights you can’t miss

4.00 The quote that changed everything for me

6.50 How this can impact your Imposter Syndrome

8.44 Why this is so important

9.43 What should you actually do?

And Finally…

How to find more confidence about your knowledge, skills and experience