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Lion’s Gate Activation
Episode 974th August 2023 • Stars, Stones and Stories: Ancient Future Myth & Astrology • EarthSeed Temple Arts
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On the 8th of August we welcome the Lion’s Gate Portal. Step into this space of great frequency with intention. As you receive this episode of Stars, Stones and Stories, you will be guided to learn about the significance of the Lion’s Gate. In this episode you will also learn about the Venus retrograde in Leo and the Mercury retrograde in Virgo.

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Ra Ma:

Welcome to stars, stones and stories. I am your host Rama and together we are weaving Ancient Future wisdom as we birth the New Earth. If you're into astrology, cosmology, living mythology, earth based spirituality and ancestral healing, you are home. If you've stumbled upon this podcast and are new to these topics, this is sovereign sanctuary to expand and deepen your wisdom. As a cosmic priestess, I witness many at the threshold of great transformation. I specialize in astrological divination, sacred site activations and priestess arts for the Aquarian Age. You may learn more about my work and budding Mystery School at Or follow Earthseedtemplearts on Instagram. This community is your opportunity to claim your story, your unique identity and power knowing that you are the hero of your own journey. You are a hologram for the collective and you matter. The world needs your gifts and creativity now more than ever. Crystallize your medicine.

Ra Ma:

Oh great ancient ones, great ancestors, we call to you. May you hear the voices of your descendants traversing through time and space. We humbly ask for your support, your wise medicine ways and your genius solutions in these times. Dear ancestors, we wish to partner with you for we know we cannot do this alone. As we traverse the mystery we ask that you, our starry ancestors are with us each breath of the way. May we have clarity of mind and Crystaline vision to see through the dark. May we walk our paths of high holy truth as that is what is needed now more than ever. And so it is.

Ra Ma:

Aquarian leadership and the Lions Gate activation. Dear one, you are living within a window of opportunity, a place a space within your next phase of personal evolution that will in turn raise the vibration of our Earth. There is a potential to transform old outmoded ways of being, of thinking, of conceiving yourselfm of interacting and relating with others and the world at large. Anything that is no longer serving you may now be shifted transmuted into the frequency of gold. As we enter within this Lions Gate activation. You are invited even as you're surrounded by people who may have fear or unresolved grief, or suppressed anger that you can hold this diamond mind. Hold the vision and the frequency of the New Earth. And yes, these emotions that one could put into a category like fear or grief or anger. These are vital rich parts of who you are, who we are in our humanity. And we welcome these, we welcome them, especially the sensations especially as they carry codes of information of who you are. And your ability to be authentic, to feel within these times is such a gift and a treasure. So I wish to be clear. We welcome all of the feelings however, as we're at this time of deep, powerful potent retrograde with Venus within the heart of the lion retrograde and we are now within the shadow of mercury retrograde and we're traveling through time and space on our beautiful planet Earth, here and now. So much is looking to be restored, renewed, rejuvenated and resurrected from deep within the cells of your body.

Ra Ma:

And so I wish to explain to you that yes, the Lions Gate is a real portal. It is a real event, if you will, Sopted is the Egyptian name for the great star and spiritual son of Sirius. Sirius is the home to Great Mother Isis Goddess of 10,000 names, commonly known as Auset or Iset or Isis. Sirius, her home, Sopted is a blue star, a spiritual star and a teacher to our planet Earth and all of the people that live on this planet. Whether we are consciously aware of these teachings or not, they are transmitted to us as great waves of inspiration. And this Lions Gate portal we celebrate at the end of July into about mid August every year. And truth be told this alignment, it is not always astrological per se, however, it is astronomical. And I am very interested in these merging of astronomy and astrology because if we look back to ancient times, they were never separate. This separation started to occur around the 17th century. And since then, in many ways, astrology has been put into categories of woo or on the fringe or new age as we see it in today's world.

Ra Ma:

However, we're having a cultural renaissance and a reawakening to the power and the importance of astrology. And I'm so grateful that you come to circle within this podcast of stars, stones and stories. So we can together co create a container where we can expand into our astrological and our astronomical wisdom. And that is why we have the word stars within the title of this podcast and the stones, the stones are these beautiful mineral beings of high galactic intelligence that carry the wisdom and the stories of the stars. The stories of who we are. Our own personal myths, our own collective myths, our ancestral myths. And it is true, our ancestors, ultimately, they reside and they come from the stars. And so and we gather in this way to honor our ancient starry timeless wisdom that we are here to transmit into experience on planet Earth. And each one of us living and breathing on the planet in these times, these times being such revolutionary truly times of a great cultural renaissance, as I like to call it, we have been going through so much transmutation collectively and personally since about 2018, 2019. And yes, we can take the time window back, we can take it to 2012. However, then if we go further back, we might want to go back into 1994, or 1988, and so on. And as an astrologer I'm very interested in one of the things I love to track is this trajectory of what we call mundane astrology. And these great cycles of transition and transformation that humans have gone through.

Ra Ma:

The reality is what we're going through now. We have never experienced in Earth's history. And it is something that I feel that it is important. We take the time to pause in our daily lives and give gratitude. To give gratitude that we get to be here in human bodies at this massive time of transformation. And this is why I started offering this podcast stars, stones and stories for you all back in May of 2020. So it's three years running now. Today we're gathering within episode number 97. And we're coming to this beautiful opening of the Lions Gate portal. And so I give gratitude for you for being here. Many of you are repeat listeners, and you might find yourself new into this space and so you are very much welcome here. All of you is welcome here. And I encourage you that if you find medicine if you find comfort, if you find inspiration, in this episode, share it, share it with a friend or a beloved one who you feel will benefit. Because we live in such an intense time and many people out there need support, they need clarity of consciousness and they want to know how they're fitting in to this great evolution that we all feel within our bones and so when we go all the way back to the ancient Babylonians, when astrology as we know it today, ultimately began was birthed the ancient Babylonians, for them astrology and astronomy went hand in hand. I currently don't use the Mayan calendar in my astrology. However, in my 20s it was very much a guiding light for me. And I've always been inspired by the Mayan day out of time, which is July 25, every Gregorian year for the Egyptians on the 26th of July. That was the original heliacal risig rising of this brilliant star Sirius.

Ra Ma:

In many ways, it is the rebirth of a planetary new year, a new galactic evolution and the official opening of this Lionsgate portal. And so, because of this whole life cycle rise shifts every year, due to the tilt of the earth over time and this precession of the equinoxes the actual whole life cycle rise of Sirius, if you were to look from the land of Kemet, from the Giza Plateau, roughly around our time in 2023, is from the eighth of August until the 12th of August and this is something that can be calculated through software. Before the damming of the River Nile, the whole lifecycle rising of Sopted, would bring the annual flooding of the Nile. And this was so imperative to make the land fertile, and the harvest so that all would be aligned in divine timing. The fertility of the Nile is what creates what we call the black lands that runs along the Nile and that is where the word Kemet comes from. Divine timing is not just a concept of the Ancients, it is still very much alive for each one of us, and is a magical vortex that ultimately is an inherent choice, meaning that at any given moment, you have the ability to choose to operate from this force field and to see the magic that lives within your daily life. Currently, we are in the midst of Leo season, which opened up with Mary Magdalene feast day on the 22nd of July. This is also the day where Venus shifted retrograde. Venus is a portal that some believe many Ascended Masters have come through particularly Mary Magdalene, Yeshua and the consciousness, the transmissions of the Hathotrs. We know Sopted as this ancient home to Great Mother Auset and we also know that Mary Magdalene was a priestess of Auset. And so I invite you on the eighth of August on the last quarter moon aligned in Taurus, I invite you to come on live to a ceremonial teaching I'll be offering where we will dive deeper into this astrology and cosmology of the Lions Gate and will culminate with the beautiful meditation and a sound healing that is going to help to relax you, rejuvenate you, inspire you and allow you to really step into the magic of these Lions Gate frequencies. If you are new here, you may not know that I'm recently back from the land of Egypt, I was just traversing in June of 2023, on the eighth pilgrimage I have experienced in the land of Kemet and I was so blessed to be there for my solar return and to be held within the paws of the Sphinx and in the Great Pyramid on the summer solstice for the second year in a row. And so these transmissions that I wish to offer you from my heart to yours come from a real deep authentic space as so much of my own personal study and immersions and initiations have been tied to the land of Kemet. And this is a place and a space that I feel really blessed to remember and know of in this incarnation. And I believe that the frequencies from the land of Kemet are here to serve us in our current times, meaning that yes, we can look to ancient Egypt for so many concepts and ideas about the kingdom and the queendom and about manifestation and beauty and art and culture and civilization. It's very easy to relate to this civilization of Egypt as being ancient and in the past and I personally connect with Kemet as the ancient future civilization. I believe the clues and the codes held within the past of Egypt are here and now to guide us into our future. And so again, I invite you to come receive, come drink from this golden nectar on the Lions Gate, the offering will be recorded. So if you cannot attend live, you will very much benefit regardless.

Ra Ma:

Now as we come to the 16th of August, we have a Leo New Moon conjunct Venus retrograde. This is a very potent New Moon and a time to align ourselves with this template of new values and new ways of collaborating with the world at large. Many of you know I've been very quiet and introspective very much like the Hanged Man. Since I returned from Kemet at the end of June 2023. I have been delivering these podcasts in a much slower fashion. And my weekly Venusian Love Notes are coming every other week. And I'm really taking this time to stay away from social media. And to go deep into my own unique identity into all that I've built through Earthseed temple arts, which is my heart's devotion and creative offering to the world.

Ra Ma:

And this incarnation of my work and my business has existed now for nine years. I launched my first business in 2008 as a birth and postpartum doula, and a birthing from within childbirth educator and a Kundalini teacher. And over time, my work has evolved in so many ways, particularly through the great initiation of becoming a mother myself. So this work of Earthseedtemplearts really came online and 2014. And when I say online, I don't mean virtually, I mean, online in the sense that I began creating an offering again in a very intentional way.

Ra Ma:

And so in this Venus retrograde I'm personally reflecting and restructuring how I want to deliver this work and this content. We are very much now in a digital world and a digital age. And in many regards, I have protested, playing into the technological advances and part of what I'm doing in this Venus retrograde is really surrendering and up leveling all of my tech, particularly my sound equipment and my video equipment because I want to deliver to you something that can be of a higher caliber so it can really be of service for you. And so I invite you through the journey of this Venus retrograde that again it began on the 22nd of July Mary Magdalene 's feast day. However, the shadow of the retrograde actually began on the 19th of June. And Venus will be retrograde, she'll be deep in her shamanic initiation going into the depths of the underworld, we can think of the great mythos of Annna going to the seven gates and stripping away something beloved, and very important at each of the seven gates. And in many ways, when we can allow ourselves to let go within a Venus retrograde, especially one that is conjunct to the fixed star Regulus literally in the heart of the lion, as you can witness in here and episode 96 of this podcast, there's very much a call for you to go deep into your identity and to be willing to restructure yourself so that as we prepare for October's eclipse season, you have the capacity to come in, fully aligned with this new template of who you are.

Ra Ma:

We went through so much loss and grief collectively in 2020, 2021, and 2022. And there are parts of ourselves that no longer are meant to be carried by us. And it's really time to let them go. So this Mercury Retrograde, as we're already in the shadow of, will station on the 23rd of August, Mercury will go retrograde at 21 degrees 51 arc minutes Virgo, and then direct in the 15th of September at eight degrees Virgo. So we're in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde, and we're in the thick of the Venus retrograde for all of August and then early September Venus stations Direct mid September Mercury stations Direct. However, we're feeling the shadow of those Retrogrades through a majority of September. So this season of Llammas that we've entered, the summer across quarter festival. Usually it's a time of a lot of outward manifestation and experience. And yes, that can very much exist. However, there's a very key opportunity for you to do a lot of revamping of your own identity. And as this summer's Mercury Retrograde is in one of its home signs, in the sign of virgo,... the word, the written word, the spoken word, the expressed word will be extremely important, we will wish to be very meticulous. And for me I'm going to be using this time to rewrite the wording of my website and to restructure how I'm delivering social media content, which is why I'm really not active in those realms right now. When I look at my website, so much of the copy there is a number of years old some parts are like 5,6,7 years and it's really time to reflect on what has changed and to be able to express that to you all. So again, I share my personal experiences to give you very key insights on how you may utilize this summer's astrology as a whole. For us here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are at the peak of summer with Llammas, Lughnasadh. This is a time this cross quarter festival is so much about being out on the land, being in pilgrimage, celebrating the harvest with the corn mother as she's giving birth to the abundance, celebrating our connection to Mother Earth and all the ways she feeds us and nourishes us. She who has seed, who is womb, who has soil, who is the great provider of all of a life, she who is the regenerative power, our greatest resource is Mother Earth. And this season is a time to really honor and celebrate her.

Ra Ma:

Also, we are beginning to open the doorway to the inner realms, after all of the manifest energy and activity of the summer, so that we can begin to turn within. Meanwhile, in the Southern Hemisphere, those of you who live there are honoring the frequency of Imbolc. And that space of creativity and renewal, that little spark of fire that is coming through. For all of us on Earth right now we have a opportunity to take quantum leaps in letting go of old stories and paradigms during this particular Venus retrograde and I wish to impart upon you that You are the love of 1000s, the nodes of fate have now shifted into Aries and Libra, the North Node the dragon's head, the dragons consciousness is in that fiery passionate frequency of Aries really courageous and yet at times reckless. And the collective south node the dragon's tail is now in Libra, the role of leadership into justice and harmony and equity. So collectively we are going from this Me to We consciousness. We are a beautiful network of golden threads of consciousness here on Earth. And what we are awakening to is that we rise together. Your success is my success, which is our success. This is the Aquarian leadership model. We are learning and remembering how to truly uplift one another and celebrate each other's wins. However, it is important, it is imperative to remain sovereign within this culture and of transformation. This means knowing thyself, knowing your unique medicine, knowing what your needs are and caring for yourself as you are the queen, the king of your dharma and destiny. May you utilize this Lionsgate portal and Venus retrograde to clarify your purpose to dissolve that which is no longer aligned, and to rise with the wings to utilize the strength and abundance of your ancestors and sacred guardians to propel you to be that what you came to earth to be in service to the one in devotion to the Great Mother Goddess that supports all of life and all of creation. Again, I wish to extend the invitation for you to circle up in the Lions Gate ceremonial teaching the activation I'm offering on the eighth of August at 8pm Eastern Daylight Time it will be recorded. We will dive deep into the astrology the cosmology of the Lions Gate and culminate with a powerful meditation and sound healing. We will dance with the lioness goddess Sekhmet and you will be revitalized to dive deep into the heart of the lion for the duration of this Venus retrograde. You may sign up at Earthseed temple arts or vote via the link in the show notes.

Ra Ma:

And I just wish to remind you if you are seeking one on one astrological mentorship and divination in this Venus retrograde you may book a session with me I have limited openings in August but there are a handful still available. For those who live in Appalachia. I am offering the Leo Dark Moon women's wisdom on the 15th of August from 7:30 to 9:30pm. And of course, you can sign up on Earthseed temple arts or in the show notes. And finally, I wish to invite you all, who live in the Chicago area, or anyone who has plans to be in Chicago this fall or would like to meet up with me there, come and circle on the 22nd through the 24th of September, at the fifth global pyramid conference, the theme is Pyramid Secrets. And I'm so honored to be offering a presentation around pyramid consciousness and astrology, it's going to be really a beautiful way to track where we have been recently, and where we are going between now and 2032. And how you can utilize this pyramid consciousness to stay aligned. So there's more information in the show notes. So click there. And if you do register, let them know that Rama sent to you.

Ra Ma:

I look forward to gathering with you all in whatever ways and spaces were able to stay aligned. If you're not already receiving my Venusian Love Notes, do sign up to receive those, especially if you are interested in hearing about the 2024 pilgrimage offerings. And again, I just extend from my heart to yours, this beautiful entry and passage through the Lions Gate portal. And we give thanks to the east, and the south and the west and the north, and all of the guardians of these beautiful directions. We give gratitude to the heart of the mother and all the beings who support our lives here on Earth. We give gratitude to the great cosmos that live above us and around us and move through us our ancient starry ancestors and we give gratitude to the beautiful blue star have stopped at for all of the timeless transmissions we receive. May you go in peace. And so it is. Ashe.



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