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The Mastermind Effect - Brandon Straza EPISODE 67, 25th February 2021
067: Success Through Masterminds
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067: Success Through Masterminds

In this week’s solo episode we’re going to talk about success through masterminds. Strap tight and let’s jump right in!

[00:01 – 01:52] Opening

  • A brief introduction to our topic this episode

[01:53 – 10:49] Success Through Masterminds

  • What a mastermind is really all about
  • Coming out of your shell and putting yourself in uncomfortable situations
  • Setting up The Mastermind Effect and The Success Finder
  • Slowly rolling out the app
  • You need to precisely explain who you are and what you do
  • Go to the app store and download The Success Finder
  • Connect with me on the platform

[10:50 - 11:57] Closing Segment

  • Download and connect with me on the App!
  • Final Thoughts

Tweetable Quotes:

“A mastermind is about the overall arching of people. It’s not about one person or two people, it’s about everyone coming together and working together.” - Brandon Straza

“You have to start putting yourself around uncomfortable situations because comfort kills.” - Brandon Straza

“When you have an idea, take it off the shelf.” - Brandon Straza

Resources Mentioned:

Be one of the first adopters of The Success Finder when it releases! Email me at brandon@thesuccessfinder.com

You can connect with me on LinkedIn, Instagram, or send me an email at brandon@thesuccessfinder.com. I’d love to get in touch and talk more about personal development and how you can live past beyond your limits.