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Episode#7 Interview with World renowned Speaker and AI Expert: Prof. Ahmed Elgammal about Artificial Intelligence and the future of Dentistry
Episode 71st July 2023 • The Wonder Tooth Podcast • Dr. Radwa Saad DMD
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In this Episode, we are interviewing one of the World's main experts in Art and AI, Prof. Dr Ahmed Elgammal, Director of the Art and AI lab at Rutgers University and founder of Playformai.

  • What is Artificial intelligence and what is Machine learning?
  • The reasons why AI is the hot topic now in today's world ?
  • What re the applications of AI at home and for common users?
  • What is BeethovenX and how Prof Elgammal was able to finish Beethoven's 10th symphony using AI and became on e of the world's leaders in Artificial Intelligence.
  • What are the future uses of AI in dentistry and in healthcare?

-Early caries detection

-Early periodontal disease detection

-Oral Cancer Screening

-Innovative use in root canal treatment

-Orthodontic treatment

-implant placement and early detection of implant failure

  • What is Playform application and how we can use it in our daily life?
  • Should we be scared of Artificial intelligence in the future?

Playform application can be reached at

if you have any questions, please reach us at

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