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15 - Creepy Cuban Hospital and the Erupting Volcano (Our Personal Travel Fails)
Episode 157th January 2020 • Not So Bon Voyage Travel Podcast • Jules Hatfield and Christine Williams
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We’re ringing in the New Year with two of the craziest travel stories from our own personal adventures, plus some hilarious plane mishaps in the news. One of them gives the mom in Home Alone a run for her money.

For our main stories, we’re digging back into our personal catalog of misadventures. First, Jules tells the story of when an erupting volcano in Indonesia tried to stop us from celebrating his 30th birthday in Bali. It turned into the travel day from hell that was exactly like an episode of The Amazing Race!

Then Christine talks about the time she caught Dengue Fever in Cuba and ended up in a creepy tropical diseases hospital for four days… with desolate hallways and flickering fluorescent lights straight from a horror movie! Listen up to hear Christine’s epic tale of survival that includes IV drips, stolen money, the Rolling Stones and Obama!

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