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Both Regeneration And Development
Episode 17th February 2022 • REROUTE.FM • Gavan Wilhite
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In this episode, we speak with Jason Snyder, Jared Janes, and our very own producer, Nick Thurston.

Jason is a homesteader, host of the Doomer Optimism podcast, and professor at Appalachian State University with a focus on local food systems. He is passionate about transitioning us to a more resilient and regenerative society.

Jared is a prolific podcaster, yogi, and co-founder of the Evolving Ground community of practice. He cares deeply about the principles of human development and following its many threads.

The two of them are the minds behind the Both/And podcast. 

On this episode we talk about topics like adult development, how to navigate the plethora of available world views, and the art of holding both optimism and our shared peril in mind at the same time. 

This season, we are making a push to both explore, and help you explore, new communities of thought. To that end, we discuss and offer inroads to communities focused on metamodernism, the liminal web, and doomer optimism.

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