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Tuning in to the Wisdom Within with Angela Minerva | FTW Podcast #14
Episode 1428th July 2021 • Follow The Wolf Podcast • Wolf Castillo
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Angela Minerva is a thought leader, artist, healer, and general boss queen. She considers her life to be art and the art she creates ranges from businesses, to paintings, clothing, to cultivating spaces, retreats, and energy work. Angela is a certified Life Activation & Ensofic Ray practitioner and Kabbalist. Her current projects include growing an international start-up in Europe, producing graphic Tees with her art, writing a book called Radical Self Authority, and learning to play the piano. Her mission is to empower the hearts of others to live a more authentic and expressive life through self-mastery and self-love.

A place called "The Hostel in the Forest" (a literal hostel in the forest) was the first time I met this gem of being, Angela Minerva. Upon meeting her I was instantly enamored, totally absorbed in admiration, by the amount of love that she was pouring out her heart to everyone at that hostel. When you are in her presence you can’t help but smile and let the layers of the mask, the illusion, be removed and reveal your most sacred expression. And that, my friends, was no different in this conversation. In this conversation, we discussed how in leaning into our discomfort, we can begin to realize the power we hold within and express from the deepest parts of our being.

Much Love and Peace be with you!


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