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135: Creating a podcast: the journey to 60,000 listeners with Aoife O’Brien
9th December 2022 • Happier At Work® • Aoife O'Brien
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Aoife recently delved into the drive and reason behind starting her own business venture. This week’s solo episode unpacks Aoife’s why behind creating the Happier at Work podcast. Since launching in August 2019, the podcast has reached over sixty thousand listeners and proudly holds a massive back catalogue of 130 captivating episodes.

From being a huge podcast fanatic to becoming one of the few celebrated female podcast hosts, Aoife shares her podcasting journey, along with a heartfelt message to you, the listener, and reveals exciting plans for the show in 2023. Further key points throughout include;

- Starting a podcast and growing a podcast audience

- Podcast statistics: Women in podcasting

- Is consistency the key to podcasting?

- Getting your podcast heard: will anyone hear my words?

- Happier at work podcast plans for 2023

- Don’t forget to celebrate the wins - big and small.

- Why podcast reviews and listener feedback are so important

- How to identify your work style

- Can you create a better working environment?

- Walking away from workplace toxicity

- Workplace challenges: what challenges are you facing?

“Fewer than 20% of all podcasts are hosted by women. So, it really really means a lot that you are listening.” – Aoife O’Brien.


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Get Happier with Gretchen Rubin

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Aoife O'Brien:

If you are a longtime listener to the Happier at Work podcast, you will have heard me speak previously about my signature Happier at Work program. The program has now moved beyond the pilot phase and it's for organisations who want to maintain a really great culture that they already have. They know that their staff are really, really important. And they want to retain staff for as long as possible, and drive a sense of better engagement at work. Overall, ultimately, what the program does is create a happier working environment using research backed methods. What that means is we look at the current state of play, what needs to change, and then we measure the effectiveness of that change, during the program and also when the program finishes. The program itself is very practical. It is designed with coaching as well, in order to embed the learning into the organisation. You're listening to the Happier at Work podcast. I'm your host Aoife O'Brien, this is the podcast for leaders who put people first, the podcast covers four broad themes, engagement and belonging, performance and productivity, leadership, equity, and the future of work. Everything to do with the Happier at Work podcast relates to employee retention. You can find out more at

Hello, and welcome to this week's solo episode of the Happier at Work podcast. Today, I'm going to be sharing more about my why for the podcast. So in the last solo episode, I talked all about my why and why I went into business why I set up my business in the first place. And I shared some stories from my own work history that brought me on a journey, essentially a journey that I'm still on. But I wanted to also share like why did I start the podcast in the first place? And like one of the main reasons people asked me this all the time. One of the main reasons that I started was because I'm a huge podcast fan. I'm a total podcast nerd. I love listening to podcasts. And my first foray if you like into podcasts was I used to listen to Happier by Gretchen Rubin. And when I very very first started listening to podcasts, I just listened to the entire back catalogue. I just added everything she had to my list and I listened to them all. You know, at any opportunity, whether it was in a queue, whether it was a for a walk, whether it's doing housework, commuting, all of that, I used to listen to podcasts all the time. And that's kind of how I got started. Now someone said to me, that's not how you listen to podcasts, you're not supposed to go back through all of the entire back catalogue and listen to them. But I didn't know any better. And I really enjoyed the podcasts. And I wanted to learn more. And so we went back to the through the entire thing. Now, I don't listen to that podcast so much anymore. But I do listen to loads of other podcasts, I'm always looking for a recommendation. So if you do have a recommendation of other podcasts that you listen to, then I would absolutely love to hear it. And I am happy to share any of my recommendations as well. In fact, I'm going to put together a list of the I'm gonna say the top 10, but it's more it's not that the top 10 It's that they're that other podcasts that I listened to that I get a lot of value from as well. Always happy to make those recommendations. I tend to listen to business related podcasts, podcasts for HR, podcasts on entrepreneurship. I have tried and toyed a little bit with fiction podcasts and they're not ones that I would tend to go back to. I also listened to some of those real life podcasts. Again, not really something for me, I'm much much prefer the business, HR, entrepreneurship type of podcasts.

ing stuff I started in August:

connecting with you again in:

That was another episode of the Happier at Work podcast. I am so glad you tuned in today. If you enjoy today's podcast, I would love to get your thoughts - head on over to social media to get involved in the conversation. If you enjoyed the podcast, I would love if you could rate, review it or share it with a friend. If you want to know more about what I do or how I could help your business, head on over to




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