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1357 – Social Proof with Walker Kreative’s Cebron Walker
24th October 2022 • The Thoughtful Entrepreneur • Josh Elledge of
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In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder and CEO of Walker Kreative, Cebron Walker.

Walker Kreative works with corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, and medical agencies to share their message, services, and stories with their customers. With years of experience in public relations, Cebron leveraged this to help their clients build relationships with their potential customers by figuring out how to communicate their stories properly. Walker Kreative is all about marketing businesses through authenticity and humanizing them to their audience. He believes in the power of customers' testimonials and showing behind-the-scenes stories. Doing so will humanize the brand and poke into that familiarity bias of the audience.

Key points from the episode:

  • How did Cebron Walker get into marketing?
  • Business owners understand the idea of marketing more than public relations.
  • Misconceptions about public relations officers.
  • The scope of work Walker Kreative does for their clients.
  • Why is a relationship meaningful in getting clients?
  • Recognizing the power of customers' testimonies.
  • Humanizing yourself and your business builds trust.
  • Leveraging familiarity bias in your business.

The scope of work Walker Kreative does for their clients:

  • They help businesses build a connection with their target audience through incredible video creation.
  • Coming up with ways to let the audience know about their clients instantaneously.
  • Assisting with building that trust between the business and its target audience.
  • Making small businesses stand out from the competition.

About Cebron Walker:

Cebron Walker is a Marketing and Public Relations specialist with 30 years’ experience. He is the founder and CEO of Walker Kreative, a digital marketing agency with offices in St. Petersburg, Florida and Sacramento, California. Walker Kreative serves small business owners and healthcare practice owners across North America.

His team is driven by the sole purpose of helping owners grow and thrive, no matter the economy. When it comes to building an online brand or developing an SEO-optimized website for a healthcare practice, no one does it better. Walker Kreative uses the latest tactics in video marketing, social advertising and content creation to grow new patient numbers and help practices lead in their region.

If a client needs press relations or plans to hold events to build reputation and interest, no problem. Cebron’s early career included working as a PR and press officer generating thousands of PR stories with positive media exposure for clients around the world.

Walker Kreative is NOT a “big box store” marketing company where you have an account rep and a number. Personalized customer services and fast response times to address a client’s needs have been at the foundation of our success and will always be at the heart of our business.

Cebron, his wife Angela and their 7-year-old son Matteo live in St. Petersburg, FL. When not working, Cebron is an avid tennis enthusiast and is trying out paddleboarding but mostly spends time in the water trying to get back up on the board.

About Walker Kreative:

A digital marketing firm specializing in working with local and medium-sized enterprises, as well as medical offices. They're enthusiastic about design, video, writing, and advertising, all of which will help convey your one-of-a-kind message to the world and encourage customers to visit your storefront, visit your website, and call your business.

 Tweetable Moments:

09:51 - "If you can get your client base, the existing clients and the potential new clients, patients, clients, customers, whoever they are to almost feel like they're with family when they're with you in your business, that's the ultimate best relationship you can have."

12:48 - "Testimonials are really powerful. So for all these business owners out there that are listening to this, recognize how powerful the words of your clients, customers, and patients are, and do what you can to get reviews, of course."

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