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Understanding Marketing Lag: Unlock a consistent work stream
Episode 767th July 2023 • The Profitable Tradie Podcast • Tony Fraser-Jones
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If you do any marketing or are planning too anytime soon, this is important.

It’s called the marketing lag problem.

Understanding this problem will help you get to grips with the time between marketing for a job.

And actually getting paid for that job.

You know what causes the time gap, or “lag”.

Then you’ll be able to get the most out of your marketing.

Giving yourself the ability to generate a consistent stream of work.

No matter what your work type is.

If you’re getting this wrong marketing will just feel like a useless overhead.

But marketing is a really powerful tool if you get it working FOR you.

However, it's like lots of things in business, it’s not ‘one size fits all’.

The approach will be different depending on your type of work.

In this training you’ll get a rundown on what to consider when creating your marketing system.

Plus who you should turn to for some marketing capacity.

Let’s get into it…


  • The ability to generate a consistent stream of work
  • 4 different examples of reasons for lag
  • Introduction to creating a marketing system
  • The best place to look for marketing capacity in your business


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