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Audio Whiplash Ep033: Toilet Humour
25th March 2016 • Tall Can Audio • Tall Can Audio
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Oh dear. We let Amy back in studio with toilet humour on the agenda. This can't end well. Episode 33 of Audio Whiplash starts off fine enough as they discuss Apple's return to a smaller 4 inch iPhone and whether or not there is still a market for it, as well as the story that the FBI has now found a hacker to help them break in to a terrorist's iPhone without Apple's help. Sounds like good news. But it isn't. And then.... then things go off the rails a little as a Deadspin article on the top 10 places to pee comes up and everything goes to hell in a hurry. Finally, a weird discussion on whether or not you'd take a ready-made clone of your spouse on the day they bit it and carry on as normal. This one is ... something else.

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TCA 1000!

Don’t forget that the thousandth episode of Tall Can Audio podcast will drop Monday August 8th. Matty Laing, Michaela Schreiter, Rob Christy and Matt Robinson will all be in the TCA Studio together for the very first time. Don’t miss it!

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