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Imagine The Work | Let's Not Be Perfectionists About it
Episode 111th February 2020 • Creative MKE • Imagine MKE
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The pilot episode finds David and Mac talking about all of the convenings by Imagine MKE and the planning by the broader arts and culture community to create a city-wide activation during the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee in July. David and Mac unveil the campaign branding, positioning, and the other work that has been completed to date, and opportunities to get involved.  

00:00:00: David's introduction to the series

00:01:27: Intro to the pod!  

00:02:26: Background on DNC Arts and Culture convenings, goal, and what success looks like  

00:08:14: Activation "zones," committees, leaders and work

00:11:14: The Steering Committee (aka: The Turbo Team)  

00:14:33: #DNCMKEArts theme, positioning and narrative  

00:17:45: How Imagine MKE is supporting the sector's work to produce and coordinate the activation  

00:20:15: MKE Museum Week - a model for success!

00:21:12: Building momentum and what's next? 

00:25:12: How to get involved?  

00:29:22: Closing and celebration of Latino Arts