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Chapter 156. Comedy gold. Literally.
Episode 1561st May 2023 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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Yet again we have been dropping distinctly British, distinctly men-of-a-certain-age, cultural references into TCD.

We do try and be more 'global', but the fact remains that you can take the boys out of Yorkshire (though I am not sure why you would want to...) but you can't take Yorkshire out of the boys.

Which means you are going to get references to Only Fools & Horses, Allo-Allo and The Two Ronnies this week - so for those of you operating slightly in the dark feel free to click through to a bit more information about each.

Actually whilst we are on that subject, it turns out I was mistaken about which vocal take for STCBM I was recording when, in the diary this week. So to channel yet more comedy gold from Morecambe and Wise 'I did record the right vocal takes, just not necessarily in the right order...

h :o]

Fork Handles - The Two Ronnies

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