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BONUS "Everyone is a Fundraiser" with Carolyn Grady
2nd April 2021 • Accelerant • Daxko
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This Accelerant Bonus Episode is a reworking of our interview with Carolyn Grady from season 1. As the Senior VP of Development for the YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh, Carolyn offers key insights in fundraising and recovery. She shares how her team shifted perspective and adopted new practices in the 2020’s drastically different fundraising landscape.  

 In this episode:  

  • Hear Caroyln’s new strategies for driving donations in a seemingly ever-changing landscape. 
  • Gather key insights about donation data for nonprofits around the country. 
  • Gain hope in the vitality of community centers. People have witnessed your impact for over a year want to be involved.  

 The original episode was released May 19, 2020  





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